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P1000246On July 13th 2014 a member of our staff, Abbie Smithers will be doing a skydive at Swindon for St Michael’s Hospice Hereford.

St Michael’s Hospice provide specialist treatment and support for people with life limiting illnesses and support for their families during this time. St Michael’s is a charity and costs around £12000 per day to stay open and only 10% of this comes from the Government, the Hospice rely on the generosity of others to help raise the other 90%.

Here is Abbies story:
“I decided to do the sky dive for St Michael’s hospice because a very close friend of mine Tom, his Mum has been hit by cancer again, seeing all the help the nurses at St Michael’s hospice are giving to Sue and helping her with her pain makes me want to give something back to the hospice.

I have been friends with Tom for several years now, Tom is a very positive person and has always been there for me when I have ever needed him, therefore watching him go through such a difficult time has been hard but as Tom has always been there for me this is me being there for him and his family at  such a difficult time.

Sue is such an inspiring woman to me, she is such a positive woman and really is so wonderful. Sue’s situation really is heart breaking to many people therefore this is my chance to give something back.”

If you would like to help Abbie raise money for this wonderful charity, you can donate by visiting us here at Kidwells House or go to her Just Giving page Click here