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livvyI was very excited to start my apprenticeship as it is a structured programme which gives you a chance to work towards a qualification. My apprenticeship was arranged through Riverside Training and I have been assigned an assessor.  For the first eight weeks, I have regular meetings with Andrea to check on how I am doing. After this stage, I will have work assigned to me which I must complete in the time frame Andrea sets.

My role here at the guest house is a trainee receptionist. I interact a lot with the customers and my main priority is to ensure that the customers are satisfied and happy. I am gradually gaining the skills and knowledge I need to succeed in the customer service environment.

The reason I chose to do an apprenticeship was because I am learning as I work, which suits me better than if I had gone to College.  I am really enjoying my training, it is like one big family here. I have been made to feel very welcome and I feel I have really settled in. It can be challenging at times but very rewarding.

Personally, I feel doing an apprenticeship has changed me. It has made me a lot more confident. I recommend people doing an apprenticeship as it is a good learning experience for life in the working world.

by Livvy Wright