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On Saturday our very own Liz Hill, otherwise known as The Rural Concierge branched out from online selling and set up a stall in Hereford’s historic Butter-market.

Hereford Butter-market, as its name suggests, was once a market devoted entirely to the sale of butter, cheese and other dairy products. The market hall was originally opened in 1860 and remains a traditional trading area. It is situated at the heart of the city centre and therefore making it easily accessible to anybody wanting to enquire or book one of Liz’s fantastic tours of Herefordshire.

Whether you are travelling in a group, club or individually, Liz arranges guided tours of Herefordshire as well as day trips, themed tours and bespoke itineraries.

“All arranged to explore the best of Herefordshire’s hidden gems.”

Liz is a Herefordian through and through and has extensive knowledge in the travel industry.  Whether its a Cider & Perry tour or a Heritage Tour, Liz can offer something really unique and with pick up points in various locations throughout Herefordshire it couldn’t be easier.

The Rural Concierge welcomes lots of enquiries and bookings at the opening at The Old Butter Market.

For further information or enquiries you can find Liz at the Butter Market, Hereford from Wednesday to Saturday 11-4 or visit her website