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Farm 11I was so pleased to be invited to visit Wynne’s of Dinmore on a dull chilly Friday afternoon. They are a unique farm that includes a vast range of breeds of vaccinated hens, bantams, pygmy goats, micro pigs, alpacas and more!

The farm is also a supplier for housing, arcs and runs, feed, bedding, transport crates, feeders, drinkers, incubators and hatching equipment. In fact, they have everything you need to keep livestock, poultry and domestic pets including pet toys, books and gifts.

On arrival I was greeted  by Emily and Tanya who look after the animals and the running of the shop. I was then taken on a tour of the farm and introduced to nearly all the animals including two day old chicks keeping warm under the heat lamp.The peacock also gave a stunning performance with a beautiful display of his tail feathers. He certainly strutted his stuff and I was impressed that he was a white one – I have only ever seen the brightly coloured ones.

Small children would love to say hello to the animals and are able to pet them – this does not cost a penny and what a wonderful way to amuse them for an hour or so.

After the tour Tanya took me into their Home and gifts shop which included a tea shop where we both sat down and enjoyed a warming cup of tea and cake.

If you are staying at the guest house and you have an hour to spare we can highly recommend you visit  Wynne’s of Dinmore