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Hereford is a small town founded around 700 AD. With it’s serene countryside and strong, vibrant town, there’s something for everyone. It has strong historic roots which you can relive on a walk across Hereford.

Time to get your walking boots on.

With various walks to choose from, it’s no easy decision. However, there’s one that I’m sure will get everyone putting on their walking boots. Are you tired by the end of a walk, with no energy to go on? Well you won’t with this one, you’ll be full of excitement while running to the finish. At the end of this walk sits a 15th century building called the Lichfield Vaults, reported to have an underground link with the Cathedral. Yes, you guessed right! It’s a pub with a tasty baguette and a fresh local Bulmers cider calling your name.

The walk.

This circular-routed walk ventures across much of Hereford’s unique heritage and cultural links. In the quaint high town, the timber framed old black and white house, built in 1621, will catch anyone’s eye. It’s now open as a museum for a first-hand, eye-opening experience of life all those years ago.

St Peters Church is located opposite the outstanding pillared Shire Hall. Also, the war memorial and statue of Sir George Cornewall Lewis, local MP stands proud in the centre. Another historic building you’ll pass is St Ethelbert’s hospital dating back to the 13th century, before passing the pond which was once part of the original moat. Furthermore, the green lawn that once held an 11th century castle now holds a statue, bowling green and the Nelson Memorial of 1809.

The Victoria Bridge leads you to the Bishop’s Meadow and a delightful walk overlooking the river. A cedar tree and beautifully flourished gardens surround the outstanding Bishop’s palace. Overlooking the river is the famous dog statue that tells the tale of Dan the bulldog.

A bridge built in the Civil War takes you to the modernised Left Bank Village which winds through to the Cathedral. Founded in the 7th Century, it holds a collection of rare books in the Chained Library and the 13th Century Mappa Mundi.

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for is the Lichfield pub! While you’re in the town, why not take a look at the Library, Museum and Art Gallery? Or you could explore the catholic church of St Francis Xavier or even the Butter Market.

Get ready to be surrounded by rich history!